Comunica Investiga Lab

Editorial words

ComunicARTE is a digital journal dedicated to the dissemination of research products developed by the participants of Comunica Investiga LAB. Its purpose is to promote a culture of research, from communications, among students and graduates of the PUCP, which facilitates and enhances their academic and professional performance with the intention of positively impacting their lives and the country.


Nuestra revista publicará los resultados de las investigaciones desarrolladas por los miembros de Comunica Investiga Lab.

Contents of ComunicArte N°1

Comando Mático: 3 key points on intercultural health and covid-19

How to design research on an MBTI virtual community (and persist in the process)?

“Communicating to heal”: community health agents in San Mateo de Huanchor between 2019-2021.

Santa Clara de Uchunya: a community in search of recognition

Media and adolescence: from the screen to reality

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