Comunica Investiga Lab

About the Laboratory

About the Laboratory

We are a space that seeks to connect students of all specialties and training levels of PUCP Communications for the collective construction of knowledge and innovative solutions, through research or projects.

We seek to promote and strengthen research and create opportunities for them to have an impact on problems in society.


Co-build and share knowledge that leaves a positive impact on society and generates individual and collective learning, connecting students with other students and teachers in communications, students from other disciplines, professionals in communications and other disciplines, companies and institutions, at the National and international.


To be recognized, nationally and internationally, as a hotbed of ethical, rigorous and critically thinking researchers who, from communications, investigate and develop quality projects contributing to the construction of an inclusive, equitable and sustainable society, in which everyone and we can all develop our personal life project.


Facilitate the development of investigative skills among the members of the Lab and their autonomous and creative thinking.

Promote the generation of research and/or innovative projects that respond to the current problems of our society and the personal interests of the members of the Lab from communications.

Generate safe and synergistic spaces for reflection and discussion of current social problems from communications that articulate the personal interests and concerns of its members with communication as a phenomenon and field of study.

Contribute to the creation and establishment of a research culture in the field of communications within
the PUCP.


We are a community-Lab committed to the interest of our members to know, we are driven by discovery, we act through projects and we look from the complexity and the glocal. As a community, we are aware that our active presence and action generate synergy, positive or negative, in the achievement of our own objectives and those of others.

We are a community-Lab that works collaboratively seeking to take advantage of the collective intelligence that arises from the action of our members when interacting with each other, allowing the creation of mutually enriching processes, objects and activities. You are invited to share and interact. Asking to learn is not interrupting.

Research and the communication of its results are skills that are developed with exercise. We develop rotating roles within the projects in which we participate to learn. Investigating is like sports: we start playing, but then we exercise by practicing until we reach the level of competition we want.

Experimentation and real environments are the starting point for our action and reflection. The mistake is an opportunity for improvement and learning. We analyze the empirical evidence of what has been done and what has been lived. It is essential to document what has been experienced in order to be able to obtain new knowledge and insights from it. Learning is experiential, but living without reflection and learning is not experience: it is an anecdote. The notebook is our best ally for all reflection and creation.

We assume that the private and the public, the personal and the social are intimately intertwined in a dynamic and dialectical way, configuring each other to create the world in which we live and which we call reality. Today power disputes develop especially at the crossroads where public and private meet.

Hybridization and interdisciplinarity are articulated to take advantage of the synergy generated by the differences in theoretical approaches and analytical perspectives. This is specified in the perspectives offered by reflection and action articulated by the different levels of training of undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers and specialists from the different specialties in social communication with whom we work.

We value and defend the right to problematize reality, from the free choice of members within the framework of the principles and values of the Lab, to develop their critical, autonomous and creative thinking. This involves guaranteeing the financial, material and human resources that provide the future sustainability of our community-Lab. Hence the need to assume as everyone’s task the active search for strategic partners with whom to build mutually beneficial alliances that make possible the development of research and projects of the members of the Lab.


Ethics and common good