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When I joined Comunica Investiga Lab, I was struck by the fact that most of the members would do personal research, while I knew that I wanted to do research together with other colleagues. There are usually two opposing ideas about teamwork: it is either very easy or very difficult. After these months working with my group, I can say that it is neither of the above options, because, in fact, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Through the following sequence of images I want to share my personal experience about what I have lived so far.

I had already worked with Nico and Clau, but I didn’t know Mai. She turned out to be a key player in the realization of our research. We all get along well inside and outside of work, so we have the confidence to specify what we think and what we don’t. Our meetings are usually in the early morning and so many ideas come up, it’s always good to take note of them. Our meetings are usually in the early morning and with so many ideas coming up, it’s always good to take notes.
After several meetings and consultancies that tried to guide us in the approach of the topic, we decided to go for “The construction of interaction narratives and the configuration of the virtual communities @mbti.memes.en.español of Instagram and Another MBTI Group of Facebook, from the appropriation of the results of the Test 16 personalities”.
It is the Myers-Briggs indicator test that represents a set of personalities grouped by variations of 8 letters within 4 variables that correspond to different cognitive functions or personality characteristics each of these 16 combinations generate a distinctive personality archetype. It is true that it has low scientific validity, but what we find interesting is to delve into the impact on social networks. What is most striking, apart from the significance of the results, is the graphical representation of each personality, as they are divided into the following categories
I must admit that I find the chosen topic complex, challenging and innovative, and that is why it fascinates me and I want to be able to tackle it well. Every time we make progress in research, not only does the computer have a thousand tabs open, but we researchers also try to blink from time to time because of the hours we spend looking at the screen.
However, we always need a break to walk for a while, have a cup of coffee and eat something, because the idea is not to get saturated and get bored of seeing the same thing.
Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of working in a team is that we also have separate personal responsibilities and our schedules do not coincide. Sometimes, because of the number of tasks, we disappear for a while, which affects the pace of progress.
They say “slow step, sure step”, but it is necessary to move forward. Therefore, we have already contacted our potential interviewees, and we are fine-tuning our data collection tools.
Despite the obstacles, the four of us are still a team and we have a commitment to fulfill, so we will continue working to obtain the best possible result and thus, this laboratory will continue to consider the possibility of accepting more group research. Psdt: the figures in the image are our MBTI personalities walking around the Faculty of Communication Arts and Sciences.
Lya La Torre
Miembro fundador

Esta insignia especial tiene el honor de ser entregada a lxs integrantes de la primera edición del Lab, quienes no solo evidenciaron rigurosidad académica durante el proceso de investigación, sino también valentía y perseverancia para aventurarse a ser parte de nuestra primera comunidad de investigadorxs. Quienes posean esta insignia tienen la oportunidad de incorporarae como parte del equipo organizador. Siempre serán bienvenidxs y recordadxs por toda la comunidad de Comunica Investiga Lab.

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