Researching to find us: the first cycle of Comunica Investiga Lab

A few days before the end of the first cycle of Comunica Investiga Lab, during an advisory session, one of the participants told us with all sincerity that while doing her research she discovered what she wants to do as a communicator. Listening to her words made us feel that it was worth all the […]


When conducting a research project, it is important to consider how the results will be disseminated. There is a wide variety of academic dissemination products, the choice of which depends on the topic to be dealt with, the medium through which publication is expected, and the personal inclinations of each researcher. Below we explain what […]

And so it was said, let there be Comunica Investiga Lab.

Diversity is, without a doubt, one of the best characteristics of this world. It allows an unlimited possibility of experiences, learning and creations from the connections that we can forge with each other and with what surrounds us. However, sometimes we believe that this relationship does not exist; that there are situations or ideas that […]